Smart buildings. We optimize energy and operations.

In the coming decades, the hinge for achieving the Sustainability objectives is Innovation. Companies must use new business models, new ideas, new processes, new raw materials, make real change and optimize energy use and switch to new renewable sources.

But they must detect inefficiencies to stop the degradation of the planet. The difference may depend on more than 1.5º C (COP26)


WiseUP allows you to monitor, analyze and manage all the building data to improve energy consumption, environmental footprint, maintenance operations and comfort through an intelligent IoT platform.

WiseUp es una plataforma EMS (Energía, Sostenibilidad y Gobernanza)

  • Energy Management Solution, works based on IoT systems or on the BAS (automation system) existing in the building to obtain data and improve energy consumption, operations, maintenance and comfort of buildings.
    Discover that you can also interrelate with other information systems outside the building and use all available data to activate ESG data performance management systems.


  • Key index database for compliance with sustainability objectives. To obtain and maintain the objectives commited to the BREEAM, LEED, ISO 50001 and other certifications, WiseUp makes it easy to control the data in real time, alerting you to deviations and keeping the history.


  • The investor wants to monitor the value of the asset from the performance management of real estate operations. WiseUp provides the performance data of the building operations to be able to carry out value analysis ensuring the accessibility, quality and security of the data. It is the way to integrate corporate governance into the operational assets.

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