Services open up new possibilities

Connect and control the equipment to analyze data and improve business results through automation and process control by our service portfolio.


We design and implement the infrastructure for connecting and monitoring equipment and building systems quickly and safely. Grow as needed with a fully scalable solution.


With our platform IoT we provide an ongoing analysis of the system data and act as your personal advisor to identify significant and profitable improvements to reduce energy, maintenance and costs operations.


We develop applications for field service. You could reduce operating times, you would have the maximum information to establish diagnoses and it will facilitate decisions quickly and reliably.


It increases service to your customers by having equipment and services connected and reduce the response time increasing attention and comfort towards your clients.


We help you to effectively manage the information, generate reports to prove compliance with regulations, reduce energy consumption and improve predictive maintenance operations connected with minimizing interruptions.


Cities and their buildings can exploit the many advantages of connecting multiple data to improve service, attention, security and comfort of citizens.


We give IoT technology to improve business transformation automating processes for reducing consumption in lighting and air conditioning. It optimizes the problems solution with real-time information.


Increasing energy efficiency in your buildings and improve quality towards your clients. We improve response time to problems, progress towards a predictive maintenance devices and connected services.

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